The Pledge


Narrator 1: A very good morning to one and all!

Today, we the students of grade 5 are here to share our thoughts about our country and its citizens. We, the future citizens of our country, have some questions and need answers to them. We seek your blessings and help, to find them.

10 students (Grade 1) say the pledge and exit.

Narrator 2: These innocent children, who took the pledge, looked so proud to recite it. They might have not known the literal meaning of what they said, but they surely were aware that they said something about their country. It seemed as if they are going to live up to each and every word of the pledge and ideally, this should happen.

Narrator 1: Students take this pledge everyday as a part of their assembly, throughout their school life. But what happens when they become the adult citizens? Just have a look. See how well they bring the pledge into practice.

Scene 1:

Student 1: (Reads the pledge in parts)

The Pledge

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

(4 people of 4 different religions sit for prayers. Then they embrace each other and later attack each other with guns, knives, swords etc. They then freeze in their positions)

Narrator 2: This is how they show their brotherly love. It happens so often. It leaves us confused and shocked to see our elders, who were friends some time ago, turn into foes.

Students exit.

Scene 2:

Student 1: I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.

(Cut outs of historical monuments are placed. People scribble on the walls. They litter around. Some try to destroy these monuments. They freeze)

Narrator 1: You don’t do THIS when you are proud of something, do you?

Students exit.

Scene 3:

Student 1 : I shall always strive to be worthy of it.

Narrator 2: Let us see how hard they have striven to be worthy of it.

(A news reader enters with a huge scroll with some prominent news headlines from the past)

News reader: Good morning everybody! The news updates are as follows.

  • Duplicate stamp paper racket police officers involved, arrested.
  • CAT exam papers leaked out. Exams postponed and then cancelled.
  • Doctors arrested for illegal kidney transplant.
  • Aborted female foetuses found in well.
  • Teachers suspended for abusing young children.
  • Aadarsh Residential scheme fraud- Ministers involved.
  • Fake notes brought into circulation. Bundles of papers used for printing notes found on railway tracks.
  • Thousands of currency notes found in dustbins after note ban.
  • A film star declared innocent in a case for shooting animals.
  • Army Exam Papers leaked. Ex-officers involved.

Narrator 1: Stop it! Enough! (The news reader freezes)

I can’t hear it anymore. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, ministers, film stars are expected to be the role models for the new generation. If this is how they strive hard to be worthy of our heritage, who are we, the future citizens, looking up to for inspiration?

(News reader exits)

Scene 4:

Student 1: I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders, respect and treat everyone with courtesy.

(Few old people walk with their luggage from one old age home to the other. They see boards with ‘NO VACANCY’ displayed everywhere.)

Narrator 2: These are the parents who helped their children to take the first steps in their life. But their children are so selfish that they have abandoned them when they are taking the last steps of their life.

Narrator 1: If this is the how they treat their own parents, then what would they do to the teachers and other elders? Let’s not think about it.

Scene 5:

Student 1: To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well-being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.

(An officer takes bribe for signing a file.)

Narrator 2: Today, everybody is really worried about well-being and prosperity, well-being and prosperity of their own self. No one cares about others. We hardly see any devotion.

These are the facts about how the citizens of our country show their love and respect to their motherland and the fellow citizens.

Narrator 2: We have heard our elders blame the politicians for these conditions and shirk off their responsibilities.

They stand up for their rights but back off when it is time for them to fulfill their duties as citizens.

Just imagine what our soldiers on the borders might be thinking when they read these news headlines.

Narrator 1: The roots of this wild shrub should be destroyed before it spreads all over.

We have seen only a few people who really care for others, who are sincere, honest and LIVE and are also ready to DIE for our country. Those are the real role models. But they are not known to many. We need to nurture them with great care.

Narrator 2:Today we are here with some questions…. We need answers for them…. from YOU……

Narrator 1: Is this what we, the future citizens, are going to face, the scandals, the rackets, the pollution and the chaos?

Narrator 2: Don’t we deserve to have a country that is peaceful, pollution free and corruption less?

Narrator 1: Can YOU do something about it?

Narrator 2: Our future lies in YOUR hands. YOU…our elders… should try to fight back and resist all the evils to live up to the pledge that YOU took as a student.

Narrator 1: If you sow the seeds today, we are the ones who will reap it tomorrow. You can sow the seeds of love and peace or, of corruption and chaos.

Narrator 2: The choice is yours, but remember, YOUR choice will decide OUR future …so, we request YOU to choose wisely.

All the performers join on stage.

Chorus: We want unity, we want peace, we want harmony.

(The song from the movie Roja is played and the children join in)

Bharat humko jaan se pyara hai…

Sabse nyara gulistaan humara hai…….



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